Making the complex simple

My Dad often says that any fool can make a simple thing complicated. It takes someone who really knows what they are talking about to make the complex simple.

When tackling complex issues, it can be hard to know where to start. Rebuilding aviation for a community seems like a complex issue. The needs of multiple stakeholders must be balanced. Safety, compliance and long term sustainability are all priorities, however quickly restoring vital economic and social links is also important.

Various frameworks exist to help us break down complex issues into more simple pieces. At Avistra Aviation Consulting, we use a business continuity planning structure as a framework to simplify what seem complex and competing issues.

Step 1 is about conducting a situation and risk assessment. How well were various routes performing before COVID? Which routes were profitable for airline partners? Which routes were not? Are the carriers still viable? Airlines are likely to trim under performing routes from their networks permanently. Which routes are at risk?

Step 2 is about building a plan. What are the opportunities to drive growth? Should business diversification be considered? Should right sizing the business be considered? How can the airport drive passengers on to scheduled airline capacity? Get a clear plan together for how you are going to rebuild the business.

Step 3 is all about execution. Meeting with airlines, with economic development and tourism agencies, attracting funding, adding new aeronautical and non aeronautical revenue streams and continuously measuring results and tweaking the plan.

Building airport businesses from no routes at all to a thriving regional airport is an interesting game. At Avistra Aviation Consulting we have demonstrated success in doing exactly this. Get in touch and let us remove some of the complexity and replace it with a clear plan and decisive action towards getting your community back in the air.