Love a Bundy run

We are in Bundaberg, Queensland, this week, working with Bundaberg Regional Council to determine the level of need and likely commercial viability of air freight services for the region. Meeting with stakeholders across the broader region and learning about their incredible businesses has been a privilege. Bundaberg is something of a quiet achiever, with lots of opportunity on the table for primary production, food processing, manufacturing and tourism sectors. Poised for growth and with natural assets well aligned with global mega trends, it will be interesting to watch this town go from strength to strength with its current progressive and ambitious leadership.

As regional communities seek ways to build resilient economies they often consider value added export opportunities as a way to leverage their competitive advantage to drive growth and attract needed investment. Often this will involve considering how logistics options can be improved for local businesses, lowering their cost to market and improving speed and efficiencies both inbound and outbound. Of course airline and airport investments in new route development and infrastructure involve a lot of money and require careful due diligence. That's where we come in.

Through surveys, stakeholder consultation and research into the region, drawing upon our deep understanding of airline and airport commercial drivers and our experience in the establishment of new air freight services, Avistra will deliver a high level air freight pre-feasibility report for Council. Our work will support decision making in regional economic and infrastructure strategy with research and industry insight. Whatever we uncover, judging by the business innovation and resilience we have seen this week in a town made famous by its namesake rum, you haven’t seen the last of this smart regional Queensland city.