Hunting in packs

“Hunting in packs” is often used to describe a powerful form of engagement, where stakeholders with aligned interests work together to attract resources or funding. In terms of growing airport businesses, hunting in packs is essential and is a powerful strategy for rebuilding aviation connections post COVID-19.

Collaborative relationships between airports, chambers of commerce, tourism organisations and others are effective in attracting and growing air services. In terms of attracting airline routes, a well aligned community, with powerful partnerships, a dedication to supporting their local air services and a plan to ensure success, is enormously reassuring to potential airline partners.

The collaborative approach is also powerful in terms of sustaining and growing air services. Airports that collaborate with stakeholders benefit from shared market intelligence, demand driving strategies and identifying opportunities and threats ahead. Tourism agencies can be a major driver of aviation growth. Economic agencies and chambers of commerce can drive impactful programs around loyalty and supporting the local airport wherever possible. Deep collaboration with travel trade can also be a powerful tool.

Right now, we see some great collaborations occurring. Stakeholders working together to fight for the air services their community needs, are winning, thanks to their team work. Look at the flights established between Canberra and Wellington thanks to a plan prepared by the Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Canberra Airport, Canberra Business Chamber, Wellington Chamber of Commerce, and Auckland Business Chamber. Hunting in packs. Great work.

How can your community work together to rebuild your aviation linkages? What strategic partnerships can your airport develop? How can you hunt in a pack, to attract air services, government funding, and ultimately, visitors and passengers? It is time to get strategic. It is time to get deliberate. And it is time to stand together and fight for the air services that your community needs. Go find your pack, hunt together.

Avistra Aviation Consulting is dedicated to helping airports and aviation communities rebuild and grow their aviation businesses post COVID-19. We can help with strategy development, airline engagement and negotiations, route development for both passenger and cargo routes, and growing a strong non aeronautical revenue base to support airports. Talk to us about how we can help your airport to recover and grow.