Aviation executives, governments and key decision makers trust AVISTRA to deliver the objective, data-driven insight and guidance required to inform their business strategies, allocate capital, prioritise resources, and manage risk.

With demonstrated success in guiding and managing the establishment of new air cargo capabilities and air services, AVISTRA works with partners to ascertain whether there is a viable business opportunity for air freight services, and what it looks like.  Taking a pragmatic approach based on a real understanding of airline economics, and revenue sources and flows within the air freight industry, AVISTRA’s advice is guided by the understanding that initiatives must deliver long term, sustainable results for their airports and communities, and that this only happens if all parts of the air freight value chain are commercially viable.

Aviation strategy and business case development

In the brave new COVID-19 world, aviation strategy and business case development have changed.  Airport aviation strategy today must now be diverse, it must consider both air freight and passenger related aviation development, the fast evolving Express industry, and it must be informed by expert understanding of the commercial decision making drivers for airlines.  Aviation Strategy must work vertically within the industry to identify ways to ameliorate risk and bring stakeholders together to support the confidence required for new service development.  Together, we can rebuild this important industry.

Infrastructure business case development

Any investment in infrastructure must be underpinned by knowledgeable analysis of the true market opportunity and the value the infrastructure will add for the communities the airport serves.  Identifying whether infrastructure is truly needed, and the likely return on investment that could be achieved is essential.  Our team can assist with detailed cost benefit analysis and rigorous business case development which takes in to account the fundamentals of airport and airline businesses.

Air freight feasibility studies

Engaging with your customers is of vital importance for all airports.  Our experienced team can help with the language, and the relationships, to ensure airline engagement is both productive, and ultimately, results in establishing truly mutually beneficial business relationships.

Airport business plan development

Airports must strategise both aviation development and non aviation revenue sources, and this must be done with a strong understanding of the airport’s unique commercial strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats.  Considering options for the expansion and diversification of non revenue, including the operation of additional on airport services, offers options to create resilient, sustainable, future fit airport business models.

Market intelligence

We can assist with the development of important market intelligence for your airport.  Be it understanding the performance of your airport compared to others, benchmarking your aeronautical fees and charges, or understanding the underserved market opportunities in your region, we can answer your questions about the market and your airports place in it.

Airline engagement